Photos of Custom Flags

Custom Sewn Boating Flags

12"x18" Compac Fleet Race pennant

Whidbey Island Useless Bay flag

14''x21'' Swan song swallowtail

18"x32" HJS swallowtail

14"x21" Rocket pennant

16"x26" Double-sided private signal

16"x24" Private signal

14"x21" Custom tapered swallowtail


12"x22" Lucy Bell tapered swallowtail

2'x3' Preston pennant

12"x18" No sheep pennant

12"x18" custom swallowtail

12"x18" Custom pennant

3'x4' Yacht Laurel pennant

12"x18" Custom pennant

Custom pirate dog flag

14"x21" Private signal pennant

16"x24" Custom swallowtail

12"x18" Compase Rose swallowtail

10"x15" Custom pennant

16"x24" Custom swallowtail

12"x18" Custom pegasus flag

12"x18" Cal Boats Wine Club pennant

12"x18" Orca with boat name flag

University of Washington Rowing Team flag

Bucket Regatta St Barth custom wine glass pennant

Custom wine glass pennant with boat name


Screen-Printed Boating Flags


Printed sailor dogs flag

Alaska Dream Cruises printed pennant

Serendipity printed flag

Seattle Center For Wooden boats flag

Salish Sea Trading Corp printed pennant

 Screen-printed swallowtail


US Navy Ship's Flags

Naval Academy Preparatory School flag


USS Jimmi Carter flag


4'x6' USS Momsen flag

Surface Warfare Officers School flag with fringe

Battle Flags

4'x7.5' Jeanneau battle flag


8'x5' Red head battle flag


Tiger battle flag



4'x7' Nautor's swan battle flag

5'x8' Big white cat battle flag


4'x6' Wizard battle flag

4'x6' Lama-dillo battle flag

5'x8' Big black cat battle flag with border

5'x8' Eagle battle flag

5'x8' Lion and frog battle flag


Sewn Pirate Flags

Espresso pirate swallowtail

Cat pirate flag 

Ballerina pirate swallowtail

Gold earring pirate flag

Coffee cup pirate swallowtail

3'x5' Custom pirate flag

Wolf and swords pirate flag

Heart pirate flag

Custom pirate streamer

Shark and pirate flag

Pirate with gold cup and coin flag

Custom pirate flag

Custom pirate flag

Scally Crags hiking crew pirate flag

Screen-printed Pirate Flags

3'x5' Custom screen-printed pirate flag

3'x5' Emerald City Pirates flag

4'x6' Custom screen-printed pirate flag

12"x18" Screen-printed custom pirate swallowtail

Sewn Yacht Club and Boat Insignias


12"x18" Seattle Center For Wooden Boats swallowtail

12"x18" Keyport Yacht Club pennant

12"x18" Newport Yacht Club pennant

12"x18" New York Yacht Club pennant

12"x18" Cal Boat pennant


10"x15" Crescent Beach Yacht Club swallowtail


11"x20" Crestliner Boat pennant

16"x24" Laurelhurst Beach Club pennant


Sewn Business Logo Flags and Banners

3'x5' Bulleit Whiskey flag

 3'x5' Custom logo flag

Recovery Effects and Devices music trade show logo banners

Afterlater Audio trade show logo banner

3'x5' Choir of the Sound flag

3'x5' Evo logo flag

20/20 Cycle and Fuel Coffee banner

3'x5' Karen's Place custom flag

3'x5' Viking River Cruises flag


4'x6' Eton School flag 

Donkelope Bikes trade show banner


Donkelope Bikes trade show banner

2'x3' MTV beach house flag

3'x5' ESPN logo flag

Parade Flags and Banners

City Of Seattle Fire Department parade flag

Hand-sewn Starry Plough parade flag

WA State King County Sheriff parade flag


Tukwila fire department printed parade flag

Anchorage Alaska Fire Fighters parade flag with pole sleeve

Seattle Police Pipes and Drums parade flag

Three Rivers Convention Center fire fighters flags

Obliteride pipe band printed flags

Family Crest Flags


4'x6' Kennedy family coat of arms flag

2'x3' Grimm family coat of arms

Stefanov family crest banner

24"x24" Custom printed family crest

3'x5' Gallagher family crest flag

2.5'x4' Custom family crest pennant

Custom Screen-Printed Flags


Mom's Demand Action custom flag for a volunteer

Whale Warning flag

Wonderland Gear Exchange custom flag on top of Mt. Hood

City of Lacey WA 50th Anniversary

City of Lacey, WA 50th Anniversary

Pedal Montclair bike shop logo flag

Custom logo flag for Facebook headquarters in Seattle

3'x5' Custom printed flag

Ghostfish Brewing Company logo flag